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Radamel Falcao: The Most Underrated Striker in the World

Some players fly under the radar because they are not at a mega club or don't make press headlines but Atletico Madrid has one of the best strikers in the world in the Colombian Radamel Falcao. Falcao has had a track record of getting the job done in big games and in cup competitions as from time to time and club to club, Falcao has been truely elite and he is still only 26. Falcao has dominated the last years as he has been the leading scorer in the last two Europa Leagues and ended up lifting the trophy (2011-Porto, 2012-Atletico Madrid). Falcao was big in this year's final as his two goal performance was key in putting the game out of reach for La Liga rivals Athletic Bilbao. Falcao has had 37 goals this year with Atletico Madrid in La Liga and the Europa League (23 and 14), and 33 with Porto in the Portugese League and the Europa League in the 2010-2011 season (16 and 17). Falcao has proven he can play in big games and on teams contending for trophies so could he be headed for a big club? Atletico Madrid payed 40 million euros ($51.7 million) for him this past season and any team wanting him would probably have to pay the La Liga side 45 to 50 million euros (around $60 million) at least. The price could be huge but the reward can be even larger as Falcao is better than any striker Real Madrid has and is on a similar level to Manchester City's Sergio Aguero. So, which clubs could try to make a move for the Colombian.

Juventus has been looking for another striker in Arsenal's superstar Robin van Persie but there are no signs that van Persie is even thinking about leaving London for Turin as Arsenal should be in the Champions League along with Juventus. Falcao would be the perfect backup option to van Persie as Falcao will provide Juve manager Antonio Conte with a true number 9 that can make them really dangerous in the Champions League. Falcao would also take some pressure off protecting so many low-scoring, close games as fans of Juventus would not have as many nerves late in games. Falcao would be a great signing but the price could be the problem due to the new Financial Fair Play rules.

If Robin van Persie does end up leaving the Emirates Stadium, Falcao could definitely be his replacement as he knows how to score goals just like van Persie. The one thing that may not be a problem would be the Financial Fair Play rules as Arsenal would use a lot of the cash they have racked up to make the move for the Colombian striker including from a van Persie selling. However, Arsenal wants to keep van Persie and Arsene Wenger's transfer policy of going after younger players could prohibit a move for Falcao.

Inter Milan
Inter has not had a truely prolific scorer at striker since Cameroon star Samuel Eto'o left San Siro for the riches of Russian side Anzhi. Falcao could be the right choice to replace Eto'o as Falcao would be the scorer that has been missing for Inter and could help lead them back to the top of Serie A. Falcao also would fit in their wae budget well as he would not cost as much as a Robin van Persie or a Carlos Tevez in terms of wages. However, the Financial Fair Play rules could be an impact on a move for Falcao once again as Inter might have to sell some other players before a move for Falcao.

Bayern Munich
The Champions finalists already have an elite striker in Mario Gomez but Falcao could form a dynamic duo with Gomez that could be unstoppable in Germany and throughout Europe. This combo could be so dangerous and Bayern has been making money which will allow to spend the big bucks to get a player like Falcao if they want to.and still not violate the Financial Fair Play rules. However, Bayern may be satsified with the strkiers they have and make a move for a less expensive player since they have bigger needs. However, Bayern is a definite possiblity.

Falcao's price will be very high and a move is probably not realistic over the summer though anything could happen and a team could come out of nowhere to make a move.

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