Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

How can the Lakers improve for next year?

The Lakers have had tons of problems this season due to lack of effort, choking, new coaching style from Mike Brown, and the fact that the Lakers are on the decline. The Lakers still have a shot at getting past the Thunder but I think they will be headed for the exit door of this year's playoffs after game 5. The Lakers are aging and will need to make some moves to build for the future. If they do not do that, the Lakers' performance could fall off a cliff as Kobe, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, and company age. So, how do the Lakers make a turnaround.

1. Trade for Kevin Love
Lakers receive: Timberwolves PF Kevin Love, Timberwolves, SG Wayne Ellington
Timberwolves receive: Lakers PF Pau Gasol, 2014 First Round Pick, 2013 Second Round Pick
Pau Gasol is aging and his playoff struggles may have been due to tiredness instead of the effort problems that Andrew Bynum had. Gasol would provide a good veteran presence in Minnesota and be a mentor to Derrick Williams. Of course, the main part of this deal would be sending Kevin Love to LA as he is entering his prime. Kevin Love is used to the Los Angeles spotlight from his time in college at UCLA. Love has not only the interior but also the perimeter play that can provide the Lakers with a big man that is more than a paint player. Love is also a high energy player and would fit perfectly beside Kobe Bryant. Love fits well with a move to the Lakers and the T-Wolves would be happy with the compensation of Gasol, and some draft picks.

2. Trade for LaMarcus Aldridge and Wesley Matthews
Lakers receive: Trail Blazers PF LaMarcus Aldridge. Trail Blazers SG/SF Wesley Matthews, Trail Blazers G Elliot Williams
Trail Blazers receive: Lakers C Andrew Bynum, Lakers PG Steve Blake, Lakers SF Christian Eyenga, 2013 First Round Pick, 2014 Second Round Pick
The Trail Blazers are looking at rebilding and sometimes that involves making moves for younger players that may have more time to win championships like Andrew Bynum. Bynum's effort has been a problem and a move to Portland should be a wake up call that every game matters. Bynum is an All-Star caliber player when he is playing at his best and would be a great fit in Portland. Steve Blake would provide a good veteran presence while Eyenga is more of a developmental player. Meanwhile, the Lakers are building a lineup and team that can contend in the Western Conference. Aldridge could form a dangerous duo in the post with Kevin Love as their post games match up very well. Aldridge has the interior game and the work ethic to dominate the boards and score tons of points in the paint. Matthews is a proven scorer on the wing that can get to the basket and has transitioned well from changing teams previously. Matthews also has the size and length to play at the three beside Kobe as he could even be Kobe's replacement when Kobe retires. Both teams would probably like this trade as the Lakers can build a really good team.

3. Sign Steve Nash
Steve Nash is probably going to leave Phoenix as he look for a shot to win a NBA title before he retires and a Laker team like this would be the perfect fot. Nash would fit perfectly in Mike Brown's offensive coaching scheme as Nash is one of the best at the pick-and-roll. Nash is a natural scorer that could be very effective for the Lakers as he would get tons of open shots due to the presence of Bryant, Love, Matthews, and Aldridge

A Lakers lineup of Nash-Bryant-Matthews-Love-Aldridge could be unstoppable as they have a good bench with guys like Metta World Peace, Ramon Sessions, and Jordan Hill. If the Lakers make these moves, they will instantly become favorits to win the NBA title next year.

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