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Who made the bigger mistake: Rajon Rondo or Amar'e Stoudemire

Over the last two day of this year's NBA playoffs, the Celtics and the Knicks have lost a key player due to that person's stupidity, and lack of self-control and self-discipline. Both Celtics star point guard Rajon Rondo and Knicks star power forward Amar'e Stoudemire have made stupid decisions that will cause them to miss their next game. So, who decision was worse and more idiotic?

Amar'e completely lost it on a fire extinguisher.
After the game two loss against Miami, Amar'e Stoudemire was very frustrated as the Knicks were down 2 to 0 in the series as they headed back for Madison Square Garden. Then, while headed for the locker room in Miami, Stoudemire decided to punch a fire extinguisher which was in a glass-enclosed case. Stoudemire shattered the case and cut open his hand which caused him to have to go to the hospital to get stiches put in his hand. Stoudemire will most likely miss a critical game three as a loss will open the door for the Heat to have to only win one of the remaining four games to advance. Stoudemire will definitely be affected by the injury throughout the rest of the series as worries of getting it cut up again could cause him to play a tad conservative. Stoudemire is also a big loss to the Knicks' lineup as Jared Jeffries is definitely nowhere near as good as Amar'e. Amar'e lost all self-control and it has made him look like a big idiot, but is it worse than what Rajon Rondo did?

Rondo's mistake could destroy Boston' finals chances
Rajon Rondo has been the key player for running the Celtics' offense but he made the stupid mistake of arguing with the ref and then losing self-control. Rondo decided to push the referee which caused him an immediate ejection and more importantly, a suspension for game two against the Hawks in Atlanta. The Celtics and Hawks have been known for being in close playoff series when they meet as the Celtics can not afford to give Atlanta any sort of advantage for a game. Avery Bradley will have to take Rajon Rondo's spot as Bradley is nowhere near as good as Rondo so the loss will be felt. Rondo has made the biggest mistake of his career as Celtic players and fans could be the casualty of this loss. But is Rondo's mistake worse than what Amar'e did or is Stoudemire the biggest idiot from the first three days of the NBA Playoffs.

Rondo and Stoudemire have both made huge mistakes that could make it a lot easier for the Hawks and the Heat to advance to the next round of this year's playoffs as Rondo and Stoudemire are definitely both idiots. The more selfish player in this case is Rondo as Stoudemire might be able to play in game three and Rondo could cost his team playoff advancement by not being able to help his team. However, Amar'e is the biggest idiot as who would really think that it would be okay to punch a glass case and then not be injured by it. Rondo and Amar'e have both made mistakes that could definitely cost their teams in this year's playoffs.

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