Senin, 28 Mei 2012

[tmsuzuki] 1979 RM125 (YAY!)


When I was ~13 I had a 125 Duster. Now I bought a 1979 RM125 for my son to ride. I'd like to get back to stock. It had the optional plug (B9 instead of B8) and seems to be running rich. It makes no power (even less than I remember the Duster having) and seems to sputter as the revs climb. I'm afraid someone set it up to only run WOT. I'll post the results of a carb tear down.

I also have a weepy shock. I'd like to rebuild it, but its a welded (sealed) unit. Anyone with experience here? TIA.



1979 RM125
1986 KX250
1976 Pursang 370 (in restoration)

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