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[Sidekicks and Trackers ] Re: 98 tracker 1.6 16v automatic


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> Seek advice from you guys on where to start looking, I have a 98 tracker 1.6 16v automatic that's hard to start when warm. The engine will start fine after setting overnight and is cool. Whenever the engine is warm you must press down on the accelerator to get the engine to start. After starting the engine runs fine with no hesitation or missing. I'm wondering if it maybe a sensor issue or carbon issue (128,000) on the clock. Thanks in advance for your help.....
This is often a symptom of a leaking FPR and fortunately this is very easy to test and confirm. When your engine is hot, shut it off and pop the hood. Pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator. If you see ANY gas, you found the problem.

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