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Re: [tmsuzuki] RM125M stalling


CDI Box or HT coil if it runs until they get hot. The stator takes a shorter time to get hot. Pull the cover off of it and see if it runs longer.

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From: michael candreia <>
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Subject: Re: [tmsuzuki] RM125M stalling
If it cools off. Then will it run? If so try a coil.
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Subject: [tmsuzuki] RM125M stalling
Date: Monday, May 21, 2012, 5:17 PM

Folks, I could use some help with my 1975 RM125m. My bike seems to run fine until it's fully warmed up. It'll idle fine and rev up fine in the garage. Once it's warmed up I can ride at full throttle for about 100 yards and then the bike will die. I've checked the carb when it does this to ensure the bowl does still have gas by turning off the petcock when it dies and then dropping the float bowl, plenty of gas there. I've set the stock carb to the specs with the service manual the float height is 25mm, the main jet is a 180, the pilot jet is #50, the needle is P4, the jet needle is 5DP7 set at the third notch. The timing is set to .150" BTDC. Any thoughts? I'm really hoping to be able to ride it at Unadilla in a couple of weeks.Thanks,Craig

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