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[ONLY FC BARCELONA FANS] Iniesta: “Athletic Club will push us hard”


Barça's Spanish international midfielder has no doubt that this Friday's Cup Final will be " very close" and that Barça will need to "have their wits about us" to beat a "very insistent" Bilbao.

Andrés Iniesta made it clear that the squad is determined to "make one final effort" in this Friday's Cup Final in order to finish the season and "round it off with a smile". Iniesta warned though, that Athletic Club are a quality team all over the pitch.

After stressing "the intensity with which Bilbao play and the moves their coach has given them", Iniesta reminded reporters of the games the two had played so far this season, claiming: "they were very intense" and insisted that Friday's final will be "very close – Athletic Club will push us hard and we will have to be sharp and have our wits about us and be capable of making quick decisions on the pitch".

Missing teammates

Iniesta is resigned to Barça playing the final without a number of important players, but insisted: "that's the way it is – we'll play with the players we have and try and make sure we don't miss the players who are out". Iniesta was also asked who he would dedicate the Cup to, if the team end up winning it and he was quick to reply: "to all of us who haven't been able to share in what is a special day". The midfielder also reminded the media that winning was
especially important to him, as he missed the 2009 Final with an injury: " that motivates me more and makes it especially exciting".

There has been considerable controversy surrounding the game already, with the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid claiming the game should be played behind closed doors if the two sets of fans fail to respect the Spanish national anthem at the start of the game, but Iniesta insisted: "that's nothing to do with football. Respect is the most important thing – the fans are free to behave in the way they see best, but nobody should forget that
we are going to play a game of football. There are many things we could all do differently and better, but I don't think talking about this a day or two ahead of the game will resolve anything. We just want to see a great and entertaining game of football".

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