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[Mufc] Re: Internationals and whatnot.


--- In, Ali Siddiqi <alisiddiqi87@...> wrote:
> Keane showed great composure in his second. Can't wait to see Barmby
>as well, but I think he's still injured?

Not sure, to be honest but Jack Barmby is still a bit young. He's 17 and a half (18 in November) and has turned out for the England U-18s so he may be too young for the U-19s. At those ages as we've seen with the Academy team a year or so can make a big difference to the physical strength and size of the players. The Chelsea team who beat United in the semi finals of the Youth Cup seemed much stronger and bigger physically. I'm pretty sure they were a bit older on average (not done a statistical analysis though...).

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