Senin, 28 Mei 2012

[Mufc] The Italian Connection


An interesting piece of news emerging today about an investigation (and it is just that at this point) concerning match fixing in Serie A. The relevance to us is that this concerns Antonio Conte who is the manager of Juventus (the allegations concern his time at Siena). One wonders if these revelations will have any effect on the long drawn out Pogba saga (is he staying with us, or is he going to Juventus?).

The other piece of news that is United related (granted straws are being clutched at, but bear with me) is that Adem Ljajic has been suspended from the Serbian team, apparently for failing to sing the national anthem. Ljajic, you may remember, was signed by us along with Tosic but the club then backed out. He had been at Fiorentina where he was the player who was slapped by the coach after he had been substituted and made some kind of gesture or comment to the coach which seemed to prompt him to lose his temper. The coach, Delio Rossi then resigned. Controversy seems to follow Ljajic around a bit (or it has recently) - perhaps personality issues were at the root of United's decision not to sign him.

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