Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Miami vs Indiana Game Five: The Fallout

This year's Miami-Indiana series has been intense as the tension in this series went out of control last night as all the trash talk led to some ugly plays last night. There were multiple flagrant fouls that will cost a couple of players some games as they will be watching in street clothes. So, what should the NBA do with Tyler Hansbrough, Udonis Haslem, and Dexter Pittman.

Tyler Hansbrough went a little over the top in getting Dwyane Wade but the Hansbrough play was not intentionally going after Wade's head. Hansbrough deserved the flagrant foul but he should not get any sort of suspension. Meanwhile, Udonis Haslem decided to get some revenge on Hansbrough and take down the Pacers' big man while shooting down in the post. This was also declared a flagrant foul as it deserved to be as Haslem went after Hansbrough. This play is unacceptable and Haslem should be suspended one game for his actions.

Dexter Pittman might have ended his season after what he did last night near the end to get revenge on Pacers' guard Lance Stephenson who previously did the choke sign in game three. What Lance Stephenson did in game three was wrong and he should have been suspended but that gave Dexter Pittman no reason to throw an elbow at the throat of Stephenson intentionally. Pittman crossed the line and then stepped all over it as he didn't show any remorse. David Stern has to come down hard on this out-of-control idiot as Pittman should get a 25 game suspension for doing this. The NBA must teach Pittman a lesson and having a suspension that is 25 games and will carry over to next season will make that statement.

The Haslem suspension was correct but Pittman is the world's luckiest man. David Stern should have put down an iron fist as anybody who saw the foul know that Pittman wanted to hurt Lance Stephenson. David Stern and the NBA look very weak as this 3 game suspension is a joke. David Stern sent a weak message instead of a stern one that would have prevented this in the future as 3 games is a joke.

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