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Bryce Harper: How good is he?

Sunday night, I was in DC to watch the Sunday night baseball battle between the Nationals and Phillies as Hunter Pence led the Phils to a closer-than-the-scoreline-says 9 to 3 win. The one player that impressed me was the Nationals 19-year old phenom, Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper has all the tools and talent to become a legendary player. Harper has earned a s tarting job already because of his amazing talent and effort.

Bryce Harper has great speed but his speed is not the only thing that makes him a great baserunner. Harper knows how and when to be agreesive and this is key to being a great baserunner. Harper was patient as he did not try to steal home on the first time Hamels threw to first. The second time, he knew third baseman Placido Polanco was not playing near the bag so he got himself a big lead and then took off when Hamels through over to first baseman Laynce Nix. Then, Harper hit a lazy line drive for a base hit in front of Phillies' left fielder Juan Pierre. For most players, this would be a single but for Harper, it was a double. He saw that he had a chance to get a double and he went all out and got that double. This might be one game but his speed, hustle, and smarts on the base path have been constant throughout his time in the majors.

Harper has immediately become one of the best fielders in the time that he has been in the majors since his call up. Firstly, Harper has an arm that is elite and could be one of the best we have ever seen in baseball history, and he is only 19. Harper should have a couple outfield assists if it wasn't for a drop by Wilson Ramos and a bad call by an umpire. Harper also has his previously mentioned quickness and very good range in the outfield. Harper can turn a long double into an out and he can make diving catches and spring right back up. Harper will be a great player defensively and his effort allows him to be even better as Harper is already elite defensively.

Harper is a five-tool player and his bat is really good. Harper knows how to get base hits and find ways to get on base as he has very good plate discipline for someone of his age. Harper finds way to get on base from long base hits to taking pitches thrown right at you. Harper also has shown some power as he has a few balls off the wall at Nationals Park in right field and is close to getting his first career home run. Harper also can find ways to get a base hit as he has a very good average and is proving himself at the major league level.

Bryce Harper is going to be one of the best players to ever play the game due to his great five tool abilities. Harper also has shown the maturity level to be able to handle everything at the major league level. Harper will be at least as good as Ken Griffey Jr. and will become one of the greats in the history of baseball. Harper will become a legend in DC and his number 34 will probably be retired at Nats Park but it will be a while till that happens this man should make tons of All-Star games and win tons of awards. Most importantly, Harper will probably be able to win some pennants and get a few World Series rings.

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